What are you reading lately?

Help a sister out. 

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I've been searching for a new book. Something gripping and thrilling, not necessarily terrifying, but one I could read on lazy Sundays or before bed on a Tuesday. I've rounded up my Fall 2016 top five books below (from Glamour's collection), but would love to hear your input! 

"The first book from Ruth Bader Ginsburg since becoming a Supreme Court Justice in 1993 -- a witty, engaging, serious, and playful collection of writings and speeches from the woman who has had a powerful and enduring influence on law, women's rights, and popular culture."

"A domestic suspense debut about a young couple and their apparently friendly neighbors—a twisty, rollercoaster ride of lies, betrayal, and the secrets between husbands and wives..."

"Hilarious and moving, Hungry Heart is about yearning and fulfillment, loss and love, and a woman who searched for her place in the world, and found it as a storyteller."

"Enter Anna's world and follow her rise from "scrappy little nobody" to somebody who dazzles on the stage, the screen, and now the page -- with an electric, singular voice, at once familiar and surprising, sharp and sweet, funny and serious (well, not that serious)". 

"Trevor Noah's unlikely path from apartheid South Africa to the desk of The Daily Show began with a criminal act: his birth. Trevor was born to a white Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother at a time when such a union was punishable by five years in prison."

+ So tell me! Which book do you like the most? And which book should I read next? 

All photos are from Glamour's collection of Fall 2016 books. 

Links I Love - Party Edition!

Fall is upon us. So is party season. Get psyched.

Despite my voice being lost and not being able to sing along at the top of my lungs to throwback 90s music, this past weekend was a Fall Lovers dream. I carved a heart-eye-emoji pumpkin, went to a winery with my best friend, and brunched like the best on Sunday. It was the kind of weekend that focuses solely on rejuvenating rather than catching up. I think you need these weekends so burning out and exhaustion doesn't happen.

Have you treated yourself to one of those lately? I challenge you to unplug or spend one day next weekend doing exactly what you want to do that doesn't involve mindlessly staring at a TV but doing what you truly enjoy.   

This week I'm getting my work done early, so I can travel back to Wilmington for the weekend for fun parties and wedding celebrations. These nine links are party inspired to rev up your energy and get you excited for the next soiree on your calendar. Enjoy!

1. An awesome eyelash curler to brighten up your look (and save you money on buying falsies).

2. Fun Facts: The difference between club soda, sparkling water, and seltzer. 

3. Conversation topics. 

4. Throwing your own party? This apple pie. OMG. 

5. Five-minute makeup routines. 

6. How to dress like TV's most stylish characters (necessary for the next party, so you don't have to say, ugh I have nothing to wear and no idea how to wear it). 

7. The best piece for pulled-together-professional-with-an-after-party-to-go-to-later look

8. These party shoes are everything. 

9. Party ideas and inspiration. 

Have a relaxing week! Xx. 

3 Hours of Fall Music

Turn up the tunes and carve a pumpkin.

There is nothing like finding new music and listening to it on repeat. There's also nothing like listening to an oldie but a goodie and having it take you back to some awesome memories. I wanted the fall playlist to be a culmination of all things fall; Halloween celebrations with your closest friends, enjoying fall activities like pumpkin carving or hayrides, and any long road trips you might be taking. Enjoy! Xx. 

Have a great weekend! 

+ What song is your must-listen-to fall song? 

Tell us which song you like best on social media! 

Meet the New Great Vibes Iterns!

Party party up in here! 

Hi there fabulous readers! This past summer I posted a job description looking for interns to help me grow and rebrand The Great Vibes Guide to suit it's latest evolution and demographic changes. After reading through some amazing applications and feeling like I couldn't just choose one, I selected three new members to expand my one-woman mission into a Great Vibes Team. We'll be tackling more conversational pieces, handling difficult-to-give advice columns, and widening our scope to truly suit those venturing to our site. I am so excited to see this next phase of The Guide, and I know these ladies will help make it one heck of a party. Without further ado...

Meet Shelby!

"Hello, I’m Shelby, lover of cats, coffee and writing. I’m 25 years old, a UNCW graduate, and now live in Wilmington, NC managing the most delicious Italian restaurant in town! I spend most of my free time in coffee shops, cuddling with my cat, Juniper Paige, or binge watching Netflix. I’m also a lover of yoga, reading, writing, finding new delicious restaurants, and social media. I’m excited to be joining The Guide to work with Emily and the team to spread great vibes, interact with the community we are building, and learn from our team and readers alike."

Meet Erin!

"I'm Erin, a 20-something senior majoring in English with a concentration on literary studies and a professional writing certificate. I'm an avid runner, work as the Lifestyles editor at my college newspaper, and am aspiring to become a technical editor. I have a love for creating things, reading fantasy fiction books, and playing Star Wards Battlefront. I'm a self-named hippie, and you can usually find me reading something excellent or DIYing with a great movie on in the background." 

Meet Lara-Anna!

"I am Lara-Ann, 20 years old, and a Junior at Wake Forest. I am originally from Germany, so I probably have a little of an accent. Besides going to classes and studying, I also run a lot (Wake Track Team yay). When I'm not busy doing either of these things, I'll likely be somewhere outside, people watching and hanging with friends, while sipping on some iced coffee. Or I am on my way to get froyo or shopping because those are my other favorite way to spend my time. I'd consider myself a pretty happy and positive person (even though I tend to have a resting bitch face) and therefore love The Great Vibes Guide. Because don't we all just want to have a good time?"

I'm thrilled to introduce you to my new favorite right-hand gals. Thanks for taking the time to get to know them! Send them some love in the comments below! Xx.

Links I Love

Travel Edition!

How did everyone fare from the hurricane this past weekend? I know some of my family was stranded without power until this morning (!) while others sailed through with just a few fallen leaves and branches. It's amazing how Mother Nature works, isn't it? This week kicks off several weekends of travel, so I thought it would be apt to share some great links detailing top tips and must-see places. I hope you enjoy! 

1. Thirty best travel tips. 

2. They say to book Thanksgiving flights, like a month ago. Here are 10 places you need to vacation for the holiday. 

3. Why parents should stop apologizing for bringing their kids on planes. 

4. Perfect sweater for long car rides or fall nights. 

5. How to plan a vacation. 

6. Best travel websites you haven't heard of yet.  

7. Cure travel anxiety with these awesome meditation apps. 

8. Check out these city guides for all of your must-go-to places and events. 

9. Pinterest travel looks and ways to minimize your carry-on load. 

Have a happy week, everyone! Xx.

P.S. Have you checked out The Great Vibes Travel Guide yet? It's a travel must-have with tips for on the plane, recipes for yummy snacks, and the perfect travel routine. 

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