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Nine links I'm loving from this weekend. 

I am finally all moved into my new space in Winston-Salem and loving it. I can't wait to unveil the photos and show you how I designed my new home for the next three and a half months. With deadlines looming and crazy projects on the horizons, I thought we'd keep it light with the posts I loved from around the web this weekend ... 

1. One of my greatest fears.

2. Never say this word to guests in your home. 

3. How to make the most of bad tomatoes.

4. The French are buffing up their sex ed talks. Love it! 

5. This is a great way to make "new" friends. 

6. A cool writing class.

7. A blackhead vacuum?!

8. What a great studio

9. Cutting out sugar. 

Have an amazing week! Xx.

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Healthy Snacks for the Office

Granola popsicles are something you need in your life. 

Normally my day goes something like this: I snag a filling breakfast, scarf down a quick lunch, and then it's 4 p.m., and I am so hungry, I can't decide whether to wait until dinner and know I'll be an emotional mess or eat everything in sight until I'm bloated and uncomfortable. Sound familiar?

What do I snack on at the office or on really busy days? is a question I get from almost every client of mine. The issue usually to be solved lies in being restricted to the snacks present in the office rather than what is sustaining and nutritious. It is because of this problem that settling for a candy bar or stale chips only to be hungry 20 minutes later is more common than not. Since I am going to be working with some amazing interns soon, and having snacks at creative meetings is a must for me, I wanted to group together delicious alternatives that kick boring snacks like granola bars to the curb. 

I love these snacks because of their low sugar content, mix of healthy fats and protein, and minimally, if at all, processed ingredients. Enjoy!  

The perfect savory balance between creamy and crunchy. It's a colorful treat for your eyes and a flavorful party for your tastebuds. Using carrots, celery, peppers, or whatever vegetables you have on hand is a great way to up your vegetable intake and ensure nothing you buy goes to waste. Great Vibes Tip: Buy plain hummus and stir in extras for a change of pace (i.e. olives and oregano, parsley and lemon, pine nuts and basil, hot sauce, etc.).

Whether you call them rice crackers or cakes, they usually are accompanied by horrified faces from childhood memories of plain, stale snacks. But, they've gotten quite the remix. What I love about these is the crunch factor you can't get from a simple slice of bread. I've shown you two ways here: one with avocado, cayenne, salt, and pepper; and the other with almond butter and banana. Great Vibes Tip: Try peanut butter with a drizzle of honey or hummus with a slice of tomato. Endless options. Delish!

Probably my favorite of this entire bunch and one you can only really do if your office has a freezer. That being said, it is incredibly simple. Blend up one banana, a dash of cinnamon, and three (+/-) cups of coconut milk. Divide the mixture among your popsicle molds. I used an actually popsicle mold, but paper cups, old yogurt containers, or an ice cube tray works flawlessly. Place in the freezer for ten minutes. After the ten minutes are up, cover the exposed part with granola, press down gently, and then push your popsicle stick into place. Cover and freeze until solid. Great Vibes Tip: Make your own granola! Bake 3 cups oats, 1/2 cup buckwheat, and two tablespoons chia seeds on a baking sheet in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 12-15 minutes. While baking, stir together two tablespoons coconut oil, two tablespoons maple syrup or honey, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and half a teaspoon of turmeric. After the dry ingredients have become slightly fragrant, remove from the oven, mix with the wet ingredients, and place back into the oven. Turn the oven off, and let sit for 5-8 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool. Keeps well in a glass container in the refrigerator. 

I could chat the benefits of kombucha for an incredibly long time, and you've seen me make cocktails with it here and here. I love this snack, because it is easy for on-the-go travel. It provides healthy bacteria and that sweet and savory element that satisfies almost all cravings. To make the roasted chickpeas, strain the liquid from one can, pat to dry with a paper towel, and mix with 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil and black pepper, salt, and cayenne to taste. Bake on a baking sheet at 395 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes, stirring every 5 or so, until crispy and crunchy. Great Vibes Tip: Don't like chickpeas? Roast cashews or almonds for a delicious alternative. 

Sometimes, nothing is going to satisfy that sweet craving except chocolate. Rather than dive into a bag of M&Ms (though that has a time and place) choose rich, dark chocolate, preferably 65% cacao or higher. The above chocolate is found at Trader Joe's with an impressive cacao content of 82 percent. Have a couple squares and savor each piece. If you still want more 10 minutes later, have another square. Repeat until satisfied. 

+What is your favorite snack here? Which one are you most likely to make?

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13 Must Have Office Supplies

Pretty up your space to match the greatness of your work.

Nothing gets you back into the work flow groove like new office supplies. I'm loving the trend of classier pieces truly fitting individual styles, so I've rounded up 13 items I definitely consider must haves. They might not be conventional -- where's the fun in that -- so dress up your desk, because if you're anything like me, you'll be spending an awful time at it. Plus, everything here is under $50, so win win. 

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Links I Love

It's a Back to School Edition! 

Even if you have that nine-to-five job, this time of the year always feels like it's hitting refresh on the work year and buying new desk top essentials and fall office supplies is a must-do. Inspired by the kiddos going back to school and myself returning to a more dedicated pace of work, I've pulled together nine links inspired by our exciting turn into the fall season. Check them out below! 

1. Super busy to make dinner come fall? Here's how to make a frozen pizza incredible

2. Feel balanced at the office with these easy tips. 

3. Minimalist guest room. AKA great office design/dorm inspo. 

4. Do your weekend chores on Saturday rather than Sunday? 

5. Definitely so in love with this iPhone case. An office essential for sure. 

6. What to do if you can't afford a therapist. 

7. If you're anything like me, you wear it until it's desperate for a wash

8. You might not have had a summer reading list, but you definitely have to read these. 

9. Back to school sales! 

Have an excellent week! Xx

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