5 Places to Give for Giving Tuesday

We figured it could not have been more fitting than to return to The Guide on Giving Tuesday. We shopped till we dropped on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and today we give to the organizations, people, and places that mean the most to us. After the past month of tension and polarization, let's come back together, and give to those who deserve help and awareness. Below, we've rounded up five places worthy of a donation (or a purchase that helps send money or items to the right places). Tell us what you've gotten in the comments below! 

Possibly our favorite item on this list! OneHope donates 15 meals to a child in need with every bottle purchase. Time to pop some bubbly and toast to helping others! 

Catalyst, a nonprofit with a fabulous mission of breaking down barriers to career advancement for women all over the world. 

Shop The Giving Keys who support Chrysalisa company that provides low-income and homeless individuals with the skills, experience, and self-confidence needed to secure permanent employment. 


Give Back Yoga Foundation. The Great Vibes Team loves us some yoga, and even more, we love what it can do for others. This foundation seeks to make yoga (and all of the benefits like processing trauma, relief of anxiety and depression, and self-efficacy) available to everyone.

"Back on My Feet recruits members at homeless and residential facilities around the country and begins with a commitment to run three days a week in the early morning. After 30 days in the program, members with 90% attendance earn the opportunity to move into the second phase of the program called Next Steps, which provides educational support, job training programs, employment partnership referrals and housing resources. 80% of individuals who start their program move onto the Next Steps phase."

We hope you have an excellent week! Xx. 

Links I Love - Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!!! 

It's one of the best days of the year! It's spooky and fun and nothing but excitement. It's also my birthday eve! Woot woot :). To celebrate this spooktacular day, here are nine links I loved from around the web this weekend. Party hard tonight! 

1. Amaaaazing Halloween costumes. Simple and festive! 

2. If you haven't had dinner yet (or need a late night snack, try these festive ones). 

3. Free People's Halloween playlist. Love. 

4. Plus this incredible blood red potion (juice). 

5. Your Halloween horoscope

6. Fashion-y costumes --- my fashion girl tooth fairy costume agrees with this. 

7. Ten gorgeously dark spaces. 

8. These snapchat filter costumes get me. 

9. And because there is never an excuse not to have pumpkin ... 

Have a fun filled week!!! Xx. 

5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

So you're going out tonight but have nothing to wear. 

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Favorite. It's the slightly spooky essence of October and the eerie supernatural feeling in the air. It's my favorite children's book, and it's my love for all things bigger than ourselves. Halloween is also about friends getting together, parties being planned, celebrations taking place for a time that has nothing to do with family or coming home and everything to do with fun. It's also my birthday eve and the best way to kickstart my birthday! 

Every year around August I start to dream up a costume that is cute, funny, and comfortable. I invariably discover at least 25 on Pinterest and then realize Halloweekend is only three nights long with the odd day adventure. This year, I finally invested in a tutu, so my main costume certainly centers around this, but there are easy, less intense costumes perfect for the spontaneous party or as a post-workday-hanging-at-the-house look come Monday when you have to dole out candy.

I've rounded up my favorite five below if you're in need of a great last minute costume...


Just grab some eyeliner, to make the lines, blush up those cheeks, and stay warm in flannel! (via)

Get all wound up about how awesome Halloween is using a simple paper towel roll! (Tutorial)

All you need are colored popsicle sticks, a red balloon, and your most comfortable outfit. Yassss. (tutorial)

Paint a cute nose on yourself, slap on some animal ears (or make two top buns with a little bit of your hair to make ears) and cut out a piece of cardboard for this great look. (via)


I was this two years ago, and all you need is a yellow dress and some green construction paper. Easy peasy! (tutorial)

+Which one do you love the most/ are you bookmarking for next year? 

Share your costume with Emily this weekend!