Links I Love

New week, new nine. 

This week is going to be pretty exciting and pretty busy, but I'm trying to embrace the good and leave little room for doubt or bad. That's what life is all about, right? How do you sort the bad from the good? Do you make lists, workout, talk to someone? I've been doing a lot of three and finding slow but sure progress. I guess that is life too? Progress. One thing that always keeps me smiling is rounding up these nine links from the web.

Here are the weekly finds...

1. I've been eating this soup once a day for a week. Too good. 

2. What do you think about animal prints at the office?

3. Simply love this sweet walk to school

4. Fifteen career tips from smart women. 

5. I relate to this. A lot. 

6. Five new health foods and drinks coming to stores.

7. Refinery29 just opened their Halloween tab. Yes. 

8. Reeeeaaaaallllllllly fun breakfast ideas.

9. Home and texture inspiration

Have an excellent week! Xx. 

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The 5 Best Water Bottles Around

Because drinking water is the new thing. 

Obviously, we are no strangers to talking water and all of it's benefits. Sometimes you need something cute and functional to up the intake and encourage you to sip. Yesterday, I left my water bottle behind and had a little bit of a panic, because I recognize having adequate water levels in my body can up my mental retention, help me sleep better, and keep off those lingering pounds. Inspired by my new loss, I've scoured the web to find fun water bottles so you won't have to on your next search.

Check out my five favorite water bottles below! 

The classic Camelbak in charcoal.
Perfect for displaying stickers
& excellent for hiking.


One of the trendiest bottles around, keeps your cold cold and hot hot. Really nice. 

Lifefactory has perfect glass water bottles for life's crazy moments -- silicone helps it not to shatter and it's pretty enough to sit on your desk and not make you cringe. 

The Kleen Kanteen is an awesome stainless-steel water bottle. Great for camping (you can boil water in it).

The Hydroflask. As amazing as the name sounds.

After I started writing this article, I was gifted a black Swell bottle and am loving it.

+ Which one do you like the best?

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Links I Love

Okay, it's time to get back into the swing of things with nine links I love ... 

These last couple weeks have been a total blur. I'm finally feeling more capable of getting tasks crossed off my list, and I'm ready to bring energy back to The Guide. We're starting this week off with nine links I love, and fun posts will be popping up as we go! How are you? Are you experiencing difficulty swinging into fall? 

Check out my new favorite nine ... 

1. The unexpected jobs that actually helped their careers the most. 

2. For my mom and nanny friends out there: how to end a tantrum.

3. Someone help me find the best vegan cheese to make this yum.

4. Literally how dogs drink water is one of my favorite fun facts.

5. How Obama's female staffers made sure they were heard. 

6. How to describe colors to friends who are blind. Cue the tears. 

7. Carrot coconut detox smoothie -- yum. 

8. Five funny shows to watch right now.  I'm excited to watch Difficult People. 

9. It's almost time to buy candy corn in bulk

Have a lovely week! Xx. 

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Links I Love

Nine links I love today.

This week will be a lot of getting back into the swing of things after a tragic past week. Here are nine links I'm loving from the web, which are keeping me sane this Monday. Enjoy! 

1. Throw a house cooling party. 

2. On being tough.  

3. Pair cheese with potato chips. 

4. Definitely wanting to dine here. 

5. An eyebrow makeover to be envy.

6. Keep your houseplants alive.

7. Easy Health Lunches .

8. Broke Girl's Guide to Eating Healthy. 

9. So insulted with this news. Boo Mets. 

Have a lovely week. Xx. 

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5 Quotes to Get You Through

Quotes to build your life upon. 

Note from the Editor: this new series, Inspired Life, brings together written works, images, and movements meant to inspire and celebrate the grandiosity in everyday life. This week we're pulling quotes to remember a beautiful soul taken from this world too soon. Have a lovely week. Xx. 

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